Activities at Spice Court
Spice Court organises various activities for the entertainment of its Guests and also to provide them a glimpse of different cultural aspects of Rajasthan.
Regular cultural evenings are standard for the Restaurants. The evenings are also accompained by the Puppet Shows and Rajasthani Folk Dances.
Food Fiestas are also organised round the year which includes Fiestas like Rajasthani Thali Special, Chinese Festival, Kabab Fest etc.
These activities not only attract our Guests but also the Jaipurites themselves because of the ambience and the gaurmet food served. The management has always tries to provide the best in class to its esteemed guests whether in the delicacies or the food fests.

Puppet Shows

Puppetry is one of the most ancient forms of entertainment in the world. Besides providing entertainment, this visual art form is also used for conveying meaningful messages.
Over the years, Puppetry has developed into a powerful media of communication. Puppetry offers a real challenge to the imagination and creative ability of the individual and of all art mediums, it is probably the least restricted in its form, design, colour and movement and the least expensive of all animated visual art forms.
Today, most of the traditional puppet theatres have lost their popularity due to the influence of cinema, television, video, etc. Spice Court tries to support the artisans providing a livelihood to them and entertainment to the guest also.

Food Festivals

Food festivals since time immemorial has been the means of celebration and uniting communities for giving thanks for a plentiful growing season.
Now the reasons of celebration has indeed changed through times but these fests provide a great platform for the gaurmet's to harp upon the exciting food served through the fests.Spice Court regularly organises these fest which not only provides a glimpse of different taste but also an alternate to the traditional food.
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